Emergency Help Phones

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Emergency help phones in your elevators, pool areas, and areas of refuge are critical devices required by law. Property managers, building owners, and care facilities that outsource emergency phone services to a trusted company like our valued partner, Kings III, enjoy welcome peace of mind.

Kings III delivers excellent service, expertise, and innovation to property owners to ensure your emergency help phones always work reliably.

  • Increased safety – highly trained dispatchers can respond in over 175 languages
  • Increased reliability – every emergency call is responded to in a consistent AND TIMELY manner
  • Reduced telecom costs – specialized technology delivers better results at lower prices.
  • Mitigate risk and liability exposure – phones are ADA and ASME compliant; all calls are date stamped, digitally recorded, and permanently stored.
  • Easy transition from aging equipment – POTs (plain old telephone) lines are starting to be phased out or becoming increasingly expensive; moving to cell devices for emergency phones makes excellent technical and financial sense.
  • Better tenant experience – your tenants will be treated with the utmost care, and you’ll be notified so you can follow up with those involved after the incident.

We are proud to recommend Kings III because, as telephone experts, we understand the quality, value, and peace of mind they deliver.

Discover whether Kings III is the right emergency help phone service for your property.

Kings III - Emergency Communications - logo