Case Studies - Cloud-based Phone Systems

Case Studies – Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Companies replace their phone system for a variety of reasons. Discover what prompted these companies to change to a cloud-based phone system and how their new system measures up to their expectations.

An Independent Insurance Agency Moves Its Phone System to the Cloud

The third time’s the charm – at least for one independent insurance agency. Ready for an affordable and modern enterprise-grade phone system, this suburban Farmers Insurance agency considered several cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. They selected a well-known national provider and immediately experienced problems – packet loss, jitter, and latency. Phone communication is crucial to serving customers so they quickly switched to a different large provider. Their call quality improved but the team found it onerous and time-consuming to add new users, update call routing, and complete other call management tasks. In their third search for a VoIP phone service provider, GoToConnect looked almost too good to be true – excellent reviews and ratings plus competitive rates that included a long list of valuable features.

The most important phone service features for this Farmers Insurance agency were:

  • Excellent call quality
  • Simple system management
  • Focused phone support (including a dedicated service account manager)
  • Low per-seat monthly cost

It’s been more than two years since their agency moved to GoToConnect Powered by Jive and they are delighted with their phone service and system. They have excellent call quality and never miss a call.

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Not Even a Major Storm Would Interrupt their Calls

Accelerated Information Systems (AIS) helps companies implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and workflow software. As their company grew, their aging PBX telephone system had more and more breakdowns.

Their research into a variety of telephone solutions pointed to GoToConnect Powered by Jive as a key contender. The cloud-based system with an extensive feature set included in the basic price looked like a great fit. They transitioned to GoToConnect the same day that a major hurricane struck their region. Although the hurricane wiped out phone service for a great many companies in their region, AIS didn’t miss a call. Their new cloud-based phone system enabled them to provide world-class service despite a major weather emergency. When internet service went down, their calls instantly routed to their cell phones.

With the reliability of a robust cloud-based system and extensive features that are easy to use, AIS exudes professionalism and can convey the impression of being a larger organization. People are often surprised when they learn that AIS has just eight people on staff.

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An Elite, Private Technology University Streamlines Call Management

Students at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) specialize in the most exciting tech fields in existence. As a leader in their field, UAT integrates technological principles into all of their curricula and uses technically advanced systems throughout their company, including their phone system.

When UAT selected a new phone service, the call manager features didn’t measure up to what was promised. System administration was time-consuming and difficult. Call recording and playback, a crucial part of their training initiatives, didn’t work as expected.  After working through several problems with their new cloud-based VoIP telephone system, the UAT team realized that the new phone system they had implemented wasn’t going to deliver on key functionality. They needed a different phone system.

The UAT team selected GoToConnect Powered by Jive for their new phone system. GoToConnect delivered all the features they needed, most importantly – call management and call recording/monitoring.

  • GoToConnect’s Dial Plan Editor, with its visual layout and intuitive design, made it simple for any of their team members to set up and modify their own call routing and lines. As an educational institution, UAT modifies call configurations and changes schedules frequently to ensure excellent student-staff communications.
  • Call recording and monitoring, a top priority for UAT, is included in GoToConnect’s all-inclusive feature set – part of their flat monthly rate. Also included, Whisper mode is especially helpful. It enables supervisors to privately coach agents during live training calls.

Now, UAT saves countless hours on call management and administration and has streamlined its training process.

Read or download the extended version of the UAT case study.

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