Quality, Structured Cabling Delivers Reliable and Consistent Communications on your Network – including Telephone/Voice, Data, and Video

Cabling is the foundation for your network. Our services include:

  • Voice and Data Cabling: telephone and data cabling; CAT 5e, CAT6, CAT6a
  • Audio Visual Cabling: conference rooms, projectors, TVs, media rooms, overhead paging systems, and music systems
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): IP and analog camera system wiring

We work directly with you or your IT consultant to design and implement your cable and related products. Your questions will be answered in plain English by our highly trained and experienced network cabling team.

You can count on a quality installation from start to finish – from the neatest patch panels you may ever see down to the faceplates with strategically positioned windows that hide the screws.

Take a glimpse of just a few of our network cabling installations

A quality installation extends the life of your cabling, makes it easy to manage when you need to make future adjustments, and looks tidy.

  • Select the correct cabling and related equipment
  • Careful installation to ensure a quality network infrastructure, including: avoid kinks in the cable, proper cable termination, correctly supporting the cable, and using quality cable, patch panel, and jacks.
  • Clearly label all cables and complete a wire map test on our installed cables.
  • In addition to our standard practices above, we offer an optional service: fully certify cable we install using our industry-standard Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifier.

Low-Voltage Wiring Specialists

Pacific Business Systems is a licensed low-voltage electrical contractor (Washington license number: PACIFBS991JT). As low voltage electricians, our technicians complete many hours of continuing education every year in addition to attending product training, earning product certifications, attending industry events, and reading professional materials. This ensures our technicians are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and products. Our team members have extensive expertise and experience with low voltage materials and equipment. You can trust that the recommendations you receive are for the correct types of equipment for your installation.

Cabling Permit Requirements

We stay up-to-date with city and state code requirements to ensure your cabling installation meets standards. We will obtain the necessary low voltage permits for your job, as required by local and state regulations.

Diagnose and Resolve System Issues

Cabling issues can cause network and phone problems. An issue with a single cable can affect the performance of an entire network. For example, something as simple as a network cable run that exceeds the 100-meter distance limit can cause network collisions. Using our Fluke DSX-5000 cable tester we can certify that your cable meets industry standards as well as diagnose issues. If issues are revealed, it provides detailed troubleshooting information so that we can promptly determine the cause and location of problems.

If you are experiencing network cable issues contact us today to schedule testing.

Compliance with New Government Regulations Requires Removal of Unused Cabling / Wiring

Government regulations require the removal of abandoned cable. Our technicians at Pacific Business Systems are trained to remove low-voltage wiring quickly, safely, and professionally. We take great care in removing unused cabling to ensure that we do not remove active cabling for you or other tenants in your building. (Removing unused cabling reduces hazards for firefighters responding to commercial building fires who could otherwise become entangled in curtains of abandoned cabling.)

Residential Cabling for Business and Pleasure

Home cabling requires attention to both system performance and aesthetics. We review your floor plan to determine the best placement of your system equipment and its wiring. If a closet isn’t available, we determine the appropriate placement, size, and design for cabinets. System controls should be easy to access, and, if they are not hidden in a closet, they should complement the room they’re in.

  • Home office:  voice and data communications
  • Home audio: home stereo systems
  • Home theater: surround-sound, audio, video
  • Media room: multiple audio/video applications
  • Security system / CCTV

Service Area: greater Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, and surrounding areas from Olympia to Everett.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation cabling site survey. Discover whether your cabling is causing quality issues and what type of cabling and cabinetry you need to support your communications equipment.